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Meal Prep and Participation (MPP) Classes | Hosted by MPDC

MPP Classes are BACK for December @ MPDC. This program is FREE — Click to get more details!


Women’s Health and Wellness Shop Table Talk | Hosted by MPDC

Learn, Build, and Create Change at MPDC’s Women’s Health and Wellness “SHOP” Table Talk — Click to get more details!


7th Annual Garden Tea Party @ The Dewitt Center

Join MPDC for a fun-filled afternoon of activities, surprises, music, and more! We’ll host a ‘Create Your Own Smoothie’ contest, giving out a prize for ‘Best Hat’ and a Scavenger Hunt!


Building Community with the Lower Roxbury Community Coalition

The Lower Roxbury Community Coalition is dedicated to empowering residents with the knowledge and resources needed to address discrepancies in public health. Join us to understand MPDC’s Community Coalition goals and mission and how you can become a part of Roxbury’s future planning and redesigns.