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MPDC’s Garden Club 2024 (happening at Hope Community Garden) | Hosted by MPDC

Want to discover the joys of cultivating nature and fostering community spirit in the heart of our neighborhood? Join MPDC’s Community Garden Club – Click to get registration details!


Meal Prep and Participation (MPP) Classes | Hosted by MPDC

MPP Classes are BACK for December @ MPDC. This program is FREE — Click to get more details!


Women’s Health and Wellness Shop Table Talk | Hosted by MPDC

Learn, Build, and Create Change at MPDC’s Women’s Health and Wellness “SHOP” Table Talk — Click to get more details!


7th Annual Garden Tea Party @ The Dewitt Center

Join MPDC for a fun-filled afternoon of activities, surprises, music, and more! We’ll host a ‘Create Your Own Smoothie’ contest, giving out a prize for ‘Best Hat’ and a Scavenger Hunt!