Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 10:00 am-8:00 pm

Saturday: 10:00 am-6:00 pm

Sunday: Closed

Check out The Dewitt Center’s 2022 Summer Catalog here!

Madison Park Development Corporation‘s community center, The Dewitt Center, opened its doors in Madison Park Village in July 2018 to serve as a welcoming home for many MPDC programs for people of all ages.

The Dewitt Center features daily programs & classes, including financial literacy, workforce development, tutoring, mentorship, college preparation, after-school youth development, and much more.

The Dewitt Center also features a state-of-the-art technology lab, an after-school program, a summer camp, and health & wellness programs, including sports & fitness activities in the gym.

The Dewitt Center is also home to an array of arts activities with art classes, events, and a gallery featuring exhibitions by Roxbury artists.

Check out The Dewitt Center’s info sheet!

Interested in hosting a community event or program at The Dewitt Center? Please fill out our event & program inquiry form below.



Event or Program Inquiry


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Event or Program Inquiry for The Dewitt Center

Host your community event or program at The Dewitt Center!

Please Note: The Dewitt Center does not: -Allow alcohol on the premises -Provide catering services -Provide AV or tech -Provide setup or breakdown staff (overhire staff) $50 to $350 clean-up fee may apply. Please note: It will take 7 days to receive a response for a room usage request
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    For a community event or meeting: Please list 3 dates you are interested in. For a program/class/workshop: Please list your preferred dates or days of the week. The Dewitt Center is closed on Sundays.