What We Do

MPDC encourages our residents and community members to participate in the political process and actively engage appointed and elected officials. Every community needs strong leaders to guide them – and it is essential to identify and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. MPDC offers programming to help our adult and youth residents develop leadership skills.

Every person’s voice should be heard – and having our community’s interests strongly represented will help secure more resources for our neighborhood.

How We Do It:

We work to foster and support the leadership capacity of MPDC property residents and the broader lower Roxbury neighborhood to amplify the voices of the neighborhood and cultivate the skills needed among residents to fight for decision-making power within the community. We are committed to building and fostering coalitions to unite people to educate, mobilize, and participate in federal, state, and local advocacy campaigns and elections. We do this by,

·         Convening Rox Vote Coalition, convener of a local community-based organization to increase voter turnout in Roxbury and hold events to showcase candidates running for office

·         Building and fostering relationships with MPDC residents

·         Maintaining presence programs/events within Roxbury

·         Engaging in advocacy efforts focused on housing and issues impacting our residents, Roxbury, and the broader community through our membership with MACDC

·         Leading resident trainings on advocacy, community organizing, civics, and Get Out the Vote efforts

·         Developing and supporting maintaining Resident Associations led by residents

·         Working closely with community-based organizations such as MA Voter Table and others on Get Out The Vote efforts in Roxbury

·         Collaborating with property management companies to ensure the overall mission and vision for residents living in our properties.

To Learn More, Please contact Allison Anderson / 617.849.6322