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MPDC announces 2020 Census: Roxbury Counts! Kick-Off Event

Join us for our Census 2020 kick-off event on Friday, June 14th from 9 am to 11 am at The Dewitt Center.


Hibernian Hall & BAMS Fest present ‘The State of Black Music and the Arts across Greater Boston’

Historically within black communities and families, music and the arts have served to be the most powerful forms for communication, morale boosters, and influencers of hope during the most difficult circumstances. Its liberating power has pushed the boundaries of language and imagination, connected cultures, tapped into our intellectualism and has penetrated our emotional core, the […]


Save the date: Sparks for Arts 2019

Save the date for MPDC’s annual gala and stay tuned for more details!


Castle of Our Skins brings “I AM A MAN 2019” to Hibernian Hall

Through film, spoken word, dance, history, community, and music, the “I AM A MAN 2019” project is an educational and artistic examination of this famous civil rights declaration. As human dignity continues to be challenged throughout the world, “I AM A MAN 2019” serves as a reminder that such challenges have been overcome in the past, and will be overcome in the future. Encouraging people to have strength to stand up to injustice, “I AM A MAN 2019” discusses contemporary concerns of Black masculinity and human dignity, while celebrating the past and present contributions of men fighting for equality.