Haynes House Modernization

MPDC is modernizing and preserving affordable rental homes at Haynes House, a 131-unit apartment building at Madison Park Village. The project includes renovating the building exterior, upgrading the building systems, and some improvements for the unit interiors. The proposed plans also include the construction of handicap units to meet the needs of current and future residents with disabilities.

Project Details

Start Date: January 2019
Anticipated Completion Date: July 2020
Total Estimated Cost: $56,000,000

2085 Washington Street

We are planning a 59,000 square foot retail/commercial ‘Gateway’ building at the corner of Washington Street and Melnea Cass Boulevard. The project is fully permitted as part of the Madison Tropical Parcel 10 Master Development Site and is currently in the leasing and predevelopment phase. Construction depends on lease commitments and final approvals from the B.P.D.A.

Project Details

Anticipated Start Date: 2020
Anticipated Completion Date: 2022
Total Estimated Cost: $24,000,000

2451 Washington Street

We are creating opportunities for homeownership near the heart of Dudley Square with this project. It includes the construction of 16 mixed-income condominium units. These units will consist of 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom floor plans and will feature contemporary designs.  The project is under construction.

Project Details

Start Date: October 2018
Completion Date: January 2020
Total Estimated Cost: $9,000,000

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Whittier Street CNI Redevelopment

MPDC is participating in the redevelopment of the current Whittier Street public housing community as part of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI). CNI is a HUD program for revitalizing traditional public housing and is similar to the one used to redevelop Orchard Park into Orchard Gardens in the late 1990s. Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. and MPDC, along with the Boston Housing Authority. The Whittier Street public housing development will be redeveloped into a new mixed-income housing community and will include commercial space.  The result will be approximately 300+ units located in 5 buildings on the current Whittier Street site.

Project Details

Start Date: March 2018
Anticipated Completion Date: June 2020
Total Estimated Cost:  $160,000,000 in three separate phases

75 Dudley Street

75 Dudley

Project Details

Start Date: 2020
Anticipated Completion Date: 2022
Total Estimated Cost:  $10 million