2085 Washington Street

MPDC in partnership with Trinity Financial is proposing for Phase 3 of the development of Parcel 10 a mixed-use development that includes 70 affordable rental units and 44 mixed-income residential condo units. View MPDC’s latest presentation to the Project Review Committee here.

Project Details

Anticipated Start Date: 2022
Anticipated Completion Date: 2024
Total Estimated Cost: $68,000,000

Whittier Street CNI Redevelopment

MPDC is participating in the redevelopment of the current Whittier Street public housing community as part of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI). CNI is a HUD program for revitalizing traditional public housing and is similar to the one used to redevelop Orchard Park into Orchard Gardens in the late 1990s. Preservation of Affordable Housing, Inc. and MPDC, along with the Boston Housing Authority. The Whittier Street public housing development will be redeveloped into a new mixed-income housing community and will include commercial space.  The result will be approximately 300+ units located in 5 buildings on the current Whittier Street site.

Project Details

Start Date: March 2018
Anticipated Completion Date: June 2020
Total Estimated Cost:  $160,000,000 in three separate phases

75 Dudley Street

75 Dudley

We are in the planning stages of 75 Dudley Street, a four-story condominium development that sits at the highly visible corner of Dudley Street and Guild Row.  The project consists of 15 affordable condominium units with a mix of 1-bedrooms, 2-bedrooms, and 3 bedrooms.  The project compliments Madison Park Development Corporation’s 2451 Washington Street project next door and will create more homeownership opportunities in Nubian Square.

Project Details

Start Date: 2021
Anticipated Completion Date: 2022
Total Estimated Cost:  $10,000,000

84 Warren Street

84 Warren

Madison Park Development Corporation, Origin Property Group, and The Urban League Eastern MA are an experienced, thoughtful, community-rooted development team that is proposing a dynamic plan to redevelop 84 Warren Street in Roxbury.

Project Details

Anticipated Start Date: 2022
Anticipated Completion Date: 2025
Total Estimated Cost:  $32,000,000