Latest Tribe_events


Elite Women Expo

Join 23 empowered women of color for the Elite Women Expo at Hibernian Hall!


Queer People of Color Art Showcase – Fierce Urgency of Now!

This event seeks queer artists of color to showcase their art with the theme of what it’s like to be a QPOC in Boston. Whether it be spoken word, a song, art pieces, or any medium they choose, we want them to be able to showcase their work and be listened to.


Afrobeat Fit – Fierce Urgency of Now

Afrobeat Fit is the movement of the diaspora! Sweat Sessions also come stocked with a Sweat Pop Up Shop, powered by Gola Gal. Participants are guided through the 60 minutes by trained Sweat Coaches, an Afrobeat DJ maintains the vibe, photo booth fun to capture the moments, giveaways and lastly a sense of solidarity among attendees.


Chocolate Milk Documentary Screening

Join us for a free screening of the documentary Chocolate Milk, which explores the racial divide in breastfeeding and seeks to understand why more black families are not breastfeeding.