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On WGBH: ‘What To Send Up When It Goes Down’ Is A Play About Racism, But It’s Also So Much More

In “What To Send Up When It Goes Down,” theatre-goers are brought into an interactive experience that examines the psychological and emotional toll of structural racism, and invites black attendees to process their responses in a cathartic, communal space.


In The Boston Globe: An elegy for black lives lost — and a call to action

“What to Send Up When It Goes Down’’ will — or at least should — rock you to your core. This electric, uncompromising, and powerfully moving work by Aleshea Harris, directed by Whitney White, casts a light on racialized violence and its victims that is both searing and illuminating.


In The Boston Globe: We need a ritual to remember black lives like DJ Henry’s. This play gives us one

Presented by American Repertory Theater and Hibernian Hall, “What to Send Up When It Goes Down” isn’t just a play, it’s collective solace. Playing through Nov. 24, it has showtimes at both locations. It intentionally opened in Hibernian Hall, in Dudley Square, in Roxbury.


On BNN News: Violence Prevention Boosted in Roxbury

Wilbur Smart and Lavell Fulks of the Madison Park Development Corporation talks about violence prevention programs recently strengthened with support from the state.