On WGBH: Longtime Leader Of Roxbury Nonprofit Announces Departure


By Saraya Wintersmith
Departure Of Leader Of Roxbury Nonprofit

Jeanne Pinado can barely drive a mile from her office near Roxbury’s Dudley Square without passing a building whose construction or renovation she has overseen during her two decades directing the Madison Park Development Corporation.

“And that’s another building we own,” Pinado said, pointing to a 43-unit apartment building on a recent driving tour of the organization’s real estate. Pinado easily spouted details and dates behind several other developments, including the Tropical Foods supermarket on Melnea Cass Boulevard, the Smith House apartments for the elderly on Shawmut Avenue and the Daily Table grocery store on Washington Street. Each was built or modernized on her watch.

Pinado, 57, became executive director of Madison Park in 1998. Since then, she’s tripled its staff, added 1,000 units to its housing portfolio and grown its bank balance exponentially. Madison Park now has the fourth-largest affordable housing portfolio in the state, according to the Massachusetts Association of Community Development Corporations.

Pinado has guided its growth with a background in real estate and banking — an advantage, she said, that lessens the incessant financial woes that typically plague other community development corporations. It’s a job she didn’t have in mind before coming to Boston.

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