Why Give to MPDC?

Make a donation to Madison Park Development Corporation and help build a strong Roxbury.

Make A Donation

Your gift in support of MPDC programs will help strengthen and secure the lives of individuals and families in the Roxbury community. Our programs create positive pathways for youth and build the power of Roxbury residents through civic engagement.  They also address community challenges such as health disparities in our neighborhood by providing access to healthy food, physical fitness, and health and wellness education. Hibernian Hall at MPDC provides affordable access to high-quality arts for our community and supports emerging and established local and regional artists.  Your gift can also support MPDC’s fundamental mission of providing and preserving affordable housing and supporting the revitalization of the Dudley Square commercial district.

How will your donation be put to work?

Your investment in our work is a great way to stretch your philanthropic dollars. This year, Madison Park Development Corporation offers a special tax credit to our donors!

The Massachusetts Community Investment Tax Credit Program (CITC) provides a 50% state tax credit for donations of $1,000 or more. If the credit exceeds your liability, the state refunds the balance of the credit.

Your gift of $1,000 or more will strengthen the heart of Boston and improve the lives of local residents by:

  • Create opportunities in affordable housing
  • Develop a healthier Roxbury neighborhood
  • Provide affordable access to the arts
  • Build grassroots leaders

Give Early! Tax credits are limited.
Our donors can be individuals, nonprofit institutions, businesses, or corporations.

Annual Tax Savings for a $1,000 Donation


Your donation to MPDC: $1,000
State Community Investment Tax Credit: $500
Final Out of Pocket Donation: $500


This illustration does not include your federal tax deduction on the same donation, which could increase your total tax savings.


For More Information, Please contact Kay Mathew / 617.849.6335 



How to Give to MPDC

You can make credit card donations online here:


You can also make a donation by check through the mail. Checks should be made out to Madison Park Development Corporation.

Mail Checks to:
Madison Park Development Corporation
184 Dudley Street
Roxbury, MA 02119

There are many ways you can donate:

Gifts can be designated to support a specific MPDC program including:

Community Action:

  • Youth Leadership and Workforce Development
  • Civic Engagement
  • Resident Leadership
  • Health Equity and Community Wellness
  • Public Safety

Arts and Culture:

  • Performing Arts at Hibernian Hall
  • Friends of Hibernian Hall

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