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Career Development

MPDC provides employment and a valuable learning experience for young people from the community through our After School Youth Employment Program (AYEP)Opportunity Employment Program (OEP), and Opportunity Youth Employment Program (OYEP).

How We Do It:


After-School Youth Employment Program (AYEP)

AYEP serves youth in high school ages 14-19 with a focus on increasing school attachment and pairs them with engaging workshops and training.

Opportunity Youth Employment Program (OYEP)

OYEP serves youth attending alternative BPS schools, out-of-work youth ages 16-19 with a focus on increasing school attachment paired with professional and personal development.

Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP)

SYEP serves youth who are primarily Boston residents ages 14-19 for 7 weeks during the summer and places them into meaningful, paid internship positions across Boston.

MPDC’s successful leadership and job training programs offer opportunities for young people to experience the world of work while attaining skills and knowledge to help prepare them for future meaningful employment.

We employ over 75 young people each year. They work alongside our staff and our partner agencies to learn the “hard” and “soft” skills necessary to succeed in the workforce. MPDC staff members serve as mentors, challenging the young employees to pursue higher education, vocational training, union apprenticeship, and other opportunities as the best routes to long-term financial stability.


Career Exploration

Explore local career opportunities with trade schools and various career fields.

HiSET Preparation Classes

Weekly classes offered in the five major subjects (Math, Science, Social Studies, reading and writing) to assist in preparation for the HiSET Exam.

Job Readiness & Workforce Development Workshops

We offer workshops that will ensure new and returning workplace entrants are prepared to enter the workforce with the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to succeed in the workplace.

Case Management / Mental Health Services

Clinical social worker on staff to address mental health & socio-economic needs.

Post-Secondary Educational Exploration

Exposure to opportunities to further your education beyond high school or HiSet/GED completion, such as colleges, vocational/tech/trade schools and certifications.

Community Engagement Opportunities

Give back to your community and gain valuable experience by participating in volunteer opportunities at local shelters, food pantries, community events, and forums.

MPDC’s successful leadership and job training programs offer opportunities for individuals to experience the world of work while attaining skills and knowledge to help prepare them for future meaningful employment. The Opportunity Employment Program serves court-involved, out of school, unemployed people ages 16 to 24 pursuing HiSET completion.

We provide services based on the need of our clients and will work together with them to complete personal goals identified during their engagement with our program.   It is our hope that through this program we are able to propel our clients into a successful future as well as combat the many barriers our community faces (such as gun violence, substance abuse and addiction to name a couple) on a day to day basis, in hopes to give our communities a better chance at becoming more stable and vibrant.

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To Learn More contact Lyndon Vincent / 207.405.9404

College Tuition Assistance 

Each year, through the Ralph Smith, Danette Jones, and Haynes Family Scholarships, MPDC helps several deserving students from Roxbury offset the cost of their college education.

How We Do It:

Several college-bound applicants from Roxbury are selected annually to receive scholarships. The awards range from $250 to $5,000 toward each recipient’s college tuition and expenses. MPDC’s college scholarship program was established by a bequest from the estate of Ralph Smith, our co-founder and first Executive Director, and a gift made in honor of Danette Jones, our second Executive Director.  These scholarships make a meaningful difference in the lives of our young residents.

To Learn More contact Yhinny Matos / 617.849.6236

Youth Mentoring 

MPDC connects youth from several of our housing developments with mentors who are current college students.

How We Do It:

In partnership with the DREAM Mentoring Program, we pair young people from Madison Park Village, Orchard Gardens, and Ruggles Shawmut apartments with college-student-mentors. The college students inspire their younger partners and demonstrate the success that is possible with hard work and focus in school. These positive relationships empower children to lead healthy and productive lives. Currently, 28 MPDC residents are paired with a Northeastern mentor with whom they build lasting relationships with.

To Learn More contact Melissa.




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