MPDC’s Community Action Department

provides comprehensive programming to residents to help them mobilize, empower themselves, and address quality-of-life issues in the Dudley Square area.



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Civic Engagement

Our civic engagement programming leads to increased voter participation and broader civic engagement within the community.


Health Equity and Community Wellness

MPDC promotes healthy homes, healthy people, and healthy communities. We empower residents and encourage them to connect with each other – and with the community.


Community Support

Community support is important in every neighborhood. MPDC partners with residents and other agencies to promote the community support goals of Roxbury.


Youth Development

Our community’s young people are one of its greatest resources. MPDC offers many programs to cultivate the success of our younger residents. Our offerings help them to learn the skills they need to further their education, find employment and succeed as adults.


Resident Leadership and Engagement

Every community needs strong leaders to guide them – and it is important to identify and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. MPDC offers programming to help develop leadership skills in both our adult and youth residents.