On WCVB 5: Mayor Janey unveils ‘All Inclusive Boston’ campaign to promote tourism, hospitality


Mayor Kim Janey on Monday unveiled a new ad campaign that aims to promote the recovery of the city’s tourism and hospitality industries across all of Boston’s neighborhoods.

Janey and the city’s advertising partners visited Hibernian Hall in Roxbury to announce the new campaign, “All Inclusive Boston.”

“Every time that I see this video, and certainly the first time, really moved me. It moves me because for the first time I see our city promoting itself in a way that I feel seen,” the mayor said.

Officials said the ads are focused on driving visits from people who can reach Boston by car. The ads will appear in the city itself, throughout Massachusetts, New England and the tri-state area.

Janey’s office described the campaign as “designed to promote an equitable recovery for Boston’s tourism and hospitality industries, and small and local businesses, with a focus on connecting our downtown core with the vibrant neighborhoods citywide.”

“There are so many wonderful things that happen every single day with ordinary people right in our neighborhoods. And so to have this campaign really validate that, I think, is so powerful — particularly as we focus on recovery, reopening and renewal and making sure that is equitable as we come out of this pandemic and as we deal with structural racism and the wounds that still remain here,” Janey said.

The announcement comes as the city and state cautiously advance reopening plans while carefully watching a rising number of COVID-19 cases and the ongoing vaccine rollout.

“Travel and hospitality is Boston’s third-largest industry, with a workforce that is 70% people of color. Or public health and economic recovery from the pandemic must include the workers and businesses that have taken the hardest hit,” the mayor said.


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