In WBUR’s ‘The Artery:’ 7 Things To Do This Black History Month, From Afro-Indigenous Healing To An Eartha Kitt Play


If you ask any black person how they feel about Black History Month, we’ll tell you that black history happens all year long. But the month still holds a special, sentimental place in our hearts. Originally, the black commemoration was only a week long, established in 1926 as “Negro History Week” by historian Carter G. Woodson.

Nat Turner in Jerusalem
Hibernian Hall

Until Feb. 24

Brandon G. Green as Nat Turner. (Courtesy Nile Scott Shots)
Brandon G. Green as Nat Turner. (Courtesy Nile Scott Shots)

Nat Turner is remembered as the preacher turned revolutionary who led the 1821 slave rebellion that stunned (and scared) the country. While Turner’s life has been immortalized through various movies and plays, the Actors’ Shakespeare Project turns the old story on its head. What happened the night before Turner’s execution? “Nat Turner In Jerusalem” imagines his last night, exploring morality, spirituality and the true price of freedom. (Read Jacquinn Sinclair’s feature.)

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