In the Castle of Our Skins Blog: I AM A MAN 2019 BEGINS!


by Anthony R. Green

On June 2, I AM A MAN 2019 officially began! As Ashe and I headed to Hibernian Hall to prepare for the first set of rehearsals and the first two events, I tried to prepare myself for the week ahead. This project will engage with children in a way that is fun, but also shows them positive Black male and female role models; it will engage with youth and have hopefully life-changing and/or life-affirming conversations about contemporary masculinity, especially in the Black and POC communities; it will expose the community to civil rights and freedom songs, while providing information about their background; it will present a FREE screening of one of today’s most important films, I Am Not Your Negro; and it will present two concerts with music by Black composers, mostly male. Such a project, as far as I am aware, is a rather unique undertaking, and hopefully will inspire other organizations to produce similar projects.

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