In the Bay State Banner: Jomama Jones delivers wisdom, hope & love


Daniel Alexander Jones as Jomama Jones in “Black Light” PHOTO: Tammy Shell, The Public Theater courtesy Matt Ross PR

When performance artist, playwright and educator Daniel Alexander Jones created his onstage alter ego Jomama Jones, Jomama wasn’t so much made as discovered. The transcendent diva was born from Jones’ memories of watching “Soul Train” as a child and imitating the music with his friend. Now, as Jomama Jones, he imparts the same wisdom, energy and spirit on his audiences as the soul stars of the 1970s and ’80s.

Jomama Jones sashays onto the American Repertory Theater’s Oberon stage Sept. 19 through 29 in her performance of “Black Light.” The show uses original songs, narration and community conversations, all infused by the spirit of black history and culture, to foster a space of positive energy and healing during a tumultuous political moment. Jones says he wrote the show just before the 2016 election and it has only become more necessary since.

On Sept. 12 at 6 p.m., Jones will host a free community conversation at Hibernian Hall to discuss his journey as an artist, his work as Jomama and the way black culture has influenced “Black Light.” Attendees can RSVP on the A.R.T. website.

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