Curbfest for Political Prisoners: Boston 2022


Black Lives Matter has partnered with several community voices to bring to Boston another CurbFest: For Political Prisoners. The Boston CurbFest is set to happen November 5th, from 1 PM – 5 PM at the Dewitt Center, located at 122 Dewitt Drive, Roxbury, MA 02116.

The Boston CurbFest unpacks complex stories about those locked away for their involvement in liberation movements, featuring a DJ, local performers, resources, self-defense clinics, and artists, with talks from Sekou Odinga, Poet Laureate Tongo Eisen-Martin, those who have since been exonerated from wrongful convictions, veteran Black Panthers and Lupe Fiasco. While there will be music, and even a youth corner, attendees will be encouraged to embody self-determination by working collaboratively to normalize the prevention of violence, and wrongful imprisonment, through community organizing, and exchanging resources and useful information.

The mission of this event is to develop the conversation around intergenerational liberation work and abolition within our localities and to redefine what healthy, safe, self-determined communities can look like when people work together to utilize strategy and political education. From musical performances to self-defense clinics, to thought-provoking words of revolution and triumph, Black Lives Matter Boston is committed to holding space for communities to come together, to
honor and share historical knowledge on the impacts, risks, and rewards of Political Prisoners’ fights in the Black Liberation and Freedom Movements.

Click here for information about this event including registration and updates.