MPDC is proud to be a Census 2020 Partner!

From mid-March until the end of July, the 2020 Federal Census will take place. This is Boston’s once in a decade opportunity to get its fair share of billions in federal funding to support public resources and services. The 2020 Federal Census will also determine our political representation from Congress to the City Council. As you may know, much of the funding that comes from the Census count helps the most vulnerable among us. It provides, for instance, healthcare, public education, food and nutrition programs, affordable housing, and child care for low-income families.

Information taken from Census.Gov




MPDC Census 2020 Resident Committee

We invite residents from our Madison Park Development sites to work on neighborhood outreach and help ensure an accurate count in Nubian Square!

Roxbury community members are invited to join the MPDC Census committee and work to ensure that historically undercounted populations are counted in the 2020 Census. We have already organized numerous Census 101 activities, including Census 2020 outreach in community events, and engaged local businesses in our efforts. From March to June we will continue to brainstorm and organize events for Roxbury, including an April 1st Census day event and a Census 2020 Question Assistance Center.

Contact Eva Ackerman, MPDC’s Civic Engagement Fellow, for more information and to get involved in our committee!

Thank you to our committee members…

Joseph Bell, Smith House

Tamyya Wright, Orchard Gardens

Joann Williams, Roxbury community member

Brian Frias, Madison Park III

Alfia Turner, Orchard Gardens

Jeanet Bledsoe, Orchard Gardens

Bill Peterson, Roxbury community member

Naesoj Ware, MPDC AYEP Youth Participant

Cesar Santana, MPDC AYEP Youth Participant

Jeannette Varris, Roxbury community member

Joyce Williams, Orchard Gardens

Ismael Diaz, Smith House

Velencita Nosa, Smith House

Alfia Turner, Orchard Gardens

Lascene Hooker, Madison Park IV

Pauline Sheridan, Madison Park III

Contact us if you’d like to get involved. Stipends may be available for volunteers!


Mass Counts Committee

MPDC is proud to be a member of the Mass Counts Committee! We work with MA Voter Table along with other area partners to ensure our communities have an accurate count! Find out more at


2020 Census Jobs

Information taken from Census.Gov

The U.S. Census Bureau is recruiting to fill hundreds of thousands of temporary positions across the country to assist with the 2020 Census count.

Why Apply?

Competitive Wages

Could you use extra income? Jobs for the 2020 Census offer competitive wages that are paid weekly. Authorized expenses, such as mileage, are reimbursed for employees doing field work.

Support Your Community

Census results are used to determine your representation in Congress, and they help inform how billions of dollars are distributed for hospitals, schools, roads, and more. Help ensure that everyone in your community is counted in the 2020 Census.

Fit Your Schedule

Temporary positions for the 2020 Census feature flexible hours—a perfect fit if you are looking to earn extra money, even if you already have other commitments.

Be a Part of History

Every 10 years since 1790, the United States has undertaken the momentous task of counting its population. This is your chance to play a role.



Other Employment Opportunities

The Census Bureau has other employment opportunities; to learn more search the Federal Government’s official employment site at, browse Field Jobs by State, and/or visit the National Processing Center site.

Additional Census 2020 Resources

Learn all about the importance of the 2020 Census (in various languages) here.

Statistics In Schools Week: Everyone Counts! March 2-6

The goal is to amplify the importance of responding to the 2020 Census through an intensive week of activities and promotion featuring the SIS program and resources.

Our outreach to schools is ongoing for this initiative.

Faith Communities Census Weekend of Action: March 27-29

Faith leaders are critical trusted messengers for the 2020 Census. This weekend was chosen as a focal point for faith leaders to share information about the 2020 Census at their place of worship. The Faith Communities 2020 Census Action Guide is a great resource faith leaders can use to promote the census. It includes examples of how they can encourage their community to respond, a timeline, sample messaging, links to other resources, and more. Outreach materials for faith community partners can be found here. (All outreach materials here.)

CQA Phone Numbers to Respond to the 2020 Census 

Below are the phone numbers that can be shared with the community.  Prior to March 1, 2020, the CQA toll-free numbers are not available for public use.  Beginning March 1, 2020, the English and Spanish language lines will be available to provide general information about the 2020 Census, including answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs), via an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system.

Callers to these lines will also be advised to call back starting March 9, 2020 to speak with a live customer service representative (CSR). Callers to all other language lines will hear the message to call back starting March 9, 2020, to speak with a live CSR.

Beginning March 9, 2020, all lines will begin live CSR support providing information about the 2020 Census and assistance with the questionnaire.

Callers to the English and Spanish language lines will be routed through the IVR system prior to being transferred to a CSR. Callers to all other language lines will be greeted in that language by a CSR.

1) What does the Invitation to Respond envelope look like?  

See visuals of our Census 2020 mailings here:


2) Can I answer the questionnaire without the code in the Invitation to Respond? Yes!  Visit to complete the questionnaire with or without a code.


3) Will my geographic area receive the paper form first or only the invitation to respond?

Look at the Mail Contact Strategies Viewer — if your census tracts are in green then your area will receive the invitation to respond and the paper questionnaire in the first mailing.  Remember, anyone who does not respond by phone or online will receive a paper questionnaire as part of their 4th mailing.


4) I like the paper questionnaire.  Will I need to pay to mail it back?  No, it has postage on the return envelope and is ready to mail.


5)  What are the Census phone numbers?


6) What if more than 10 people are in my household?  It is best to answer online or by phone for a larger household as you may include up to 99 people in your response.


7) Where can I find language assistance for the census?  See print guides in 59 languages here.


8) When will I be able to see how well my community is responding?  As of March 20th you will be able to Census Self-Response Rates here:


9) Will the Census Bureau provide staff at my agency to help my community complete the census?  We are staffing Census Response Representatives (CRR) mostly in areas predicted to have a low response rate from March 12 through March 30th.  After March 30th, we will deploy CRRs only in areas of low self-response for Mobile Questionnaire Assistance.

Census Disinformation Resources

Disinformation is false or misleading information that has been intentionally designed to confuse and manipulate the public. The best way to inoculate against disinformation around the 2020 Census is to uplift positive messages about the importance of census participation. This recent webinar explains how to track, assess, report and respond to census mis/disinformation. Additional resources:

Thank you to our Funders!

Mass Census Equity Fund

State Secretary of the Commonwealth Office

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