Voice of Reason Boston with Tamisha Civil (feat. MPDC’s Leslie Reid and Intiya Ambrogi-Isaza)


On May 21st, 2022, MPDC’s CEO, Leslie Reid, and Director of Real Estate, Intiya Ambrogi-Isaza sat down with Voice of Reason Boston, a non-profit organization that focuses on criminal and socio-economic issues throughout the city of Boston. Reid and Ambrogi-Isaza discussed the ambitions that surround P3 Roxbury, a development concept that prioritizes homeownership and rental opportunities, employment endeavors with long-term career tracks, and equity for the Roxbury community. Reid and Ambrogi-Isaza are a part of the larger team working to establish P3 Roxbury as an “economic and social engine for meaningful progress.”

To listen to the full episode, please click here. To learn more about P3 Roxbury, please visit P3Roxbury.com.