On WBUR: Early Voters Go To The Polls In Mass., Voice Concerns Over Getting Ballots Counted


At the DeWitt Center in Roxbury, elections warden Marie Bowden-Lockhart said many voters are coming out early to make sure their votes are accounted for.
“Their fear, from what they’ve been seeing on the television and reading in the newspapers, I think has motivated them to come out,” she said. “They want to make sure that… their vote is counted. That’s that’s the main thing for most people.”
Ethel Duncan of Roxbury, a retired MBTA conductor who voted at the DeWitt Center, said she doesn’t have confidence in voting by mail.
“I believe in voting in-person, because if there’s something going on in the Post Office, we’ll never know. You know, maybe [my vote] falls on the floor, gets swept up in trash. But now I know I put it in the [ballot] box.”
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