On the Boston University News Service: Sen. Elizabeth Warren calls democratic voters to the polls on Nov. 6


Senator Warren at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury on Saturday, Oct. 13. Photo by Jaymes Farrell / BU News Service

ROXBURY, MA- Sen. Elizabeth Warren called on democrats to head to the voting booths on November 6th, as a way to help politicians tackle the issues they cared about.

“We want the White House, but to get the House and the Senate is to make the down payment,” said Sen. Warren during her opening remarks at a town hall event in Hibernian Hall in Roxbury, on Saturday. Oct. 13.

The senator showed confidence that the upcoming election will give democrats the opportunity to legislate on issues that have been set aside by the Republican majority in Congress, such as immigration reform, education funding cuts, rising healthcare costs and climate change.

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