NABWIC Talks with Katrina Conrad Workforce Diversity Project Manager, MPDC


With over twenty years of administration experience, Katrina Conrad has dedicated her career to fostering and uplifting the untapped potential of low-income and minority workers in Boston’s diverse communities of color. Conrad currently serves as the Workforce Diversity Project Manager at Madison Park Development Corporation(MPDC), a highly respected nonprofit real estate developer in Boston and one of the nation’s oldest community development corporations. In her current position, Conrad ensures labor diversity compliance on all MPDC construction projects, spearheads efforts to improve equity within the construction trades among female and minority workers in Boston, and provides technical assistance to local minority contractors that better positions them to gain access to Boston’s lucrative building boom. Most recently, Katrina led the development of an innovative new construction workforce development pilot program, in partnership with Madison Park Technical Vocational High School and a robust roster of skilled local minority contractors who will serve as program instructors.