Mayor Wu and Age Strong Commission Announce Madison Park Development Corporation as Recipient of “Creating Community & Reducing Social Isolation” Grant


On Tuesday, May 17th, 2022, Mayor Michelle Wu and the Age Strong Commission announced the recipients of the city of Boston’s Creating Community and Reducing Social Isolation grant, “a new City program designed to provide funding to non-profit community organizations to create new or expand current programs inviting older adults to engage more for better physical and mental health.” The grants awarded to each organization range from $12,000 to $27,000 in size, totaling $360,000 in funding across all 16 non-profit community organization recipients. Madison Park Development Corporation, among others, received funding from the grant initiative.

Mayor Wu stated that “connecting our older residents with more opportunities to build community is crucial to our City’s recovery,” She added, “It’s clear that the ongoing pandemic has only exacerbated the challenges that our older adults face as they try to stay engaged and connected. These investments will help build a community for older adults and support our local organizations as they work to expand and build opportunities for our older adults to engage.”

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