In the Boston Globe: ‘We want a government that works for the rest of us,’ Warren says


Senator Elizabeth Warren held a rally at Hibernian Hall in Roxbury on Saturday. Photo Credit: Michael Swensen for the Boston Globe

Senator Elizabeth Warren on Saturday stoked supporters’ energy ahead of a critical midterm election next month, tying Democrats’ success in winning majorities in the House and Senate with being able to make progress on issues like climate change, housing, drug prices, and gun violence.

Warren sounded a strong populist message to underscore the stakes for Democrats, who hope to tap into enough anti-President Trump sentiment in the Nov. 6 vote to win back control of Congress.

“We are going to say to the powerful in Washington that we don’t want a government that just works for the wealthy and the well-connected,” Warren told a crowd gathered at a town hall in Roxbury. “We want a government that works for the rest of us.”

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