In The Bay State Banner: A transformation comes to Dudley


The Bolling Building is the largest in Dudley Square. That could soon change as the city solicits bids for vacant lots in the area. BANNER PHOTO

The Boston Planning and Development Agency is seeking bids for the redevelopment of three of the last remaining major open parcels of land in Dudley Square. Along with four projects that have already been greenlighted by city officials, the parcels promise to radically transform the Roxbury shopping district, bringing in hundreds of new housing units and more than 100,000 square feet of commercial and cultural space.

The redevelopment plans currently underway and those the city will likely receive for the three new lots could bring opportunities and challenges to the square as new businesses and residents add desired new commerce and potential customers that could help revitalize the area, but also may strain already tight parking and increase traffic congestion.

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