In Boston Globe: Is inclusionary zoning a good tool for cities and towns to expand affordable housing?


Read Leslie Reid’s, MPDC’s CEO, response to Boston Globe’s “The Argument: Is inclusionary zoning a good tool for cities and towns to expand affordable housing?” Reid, alongside Emerson J. Claus III, were asked to explain the benefits (Reid) and potential harms of (Claus) utilizing inclusionary zoning as a practice for expanding affordable housing within Boston.

In the article, Reid contended, “As community-based, nonprofit affordable housing developers, Madison Park Development Corporation in Roxbury and South Boston Neighborhood Development Corporation are united across traditional lines by the positive impacts that inclusionary development has had.” She went on to also note that “in Roxbury and South Boston, inclusionary development has facilitated hundreds of income-restricted, affordable housing units, ensuring that decent and safe housing options are available to all of our neighbors — those in the blue-collar workforce and those on fixed incomes. Through the expansion of such policies, this benefit can be extended to many more Massachusetts communities.”

Lastly, Reid stated: “While opponents of equitable and inclusionary development policies raise concerns that this may discourage development, we have seen proof that the opposite is the case. Continuing to expand inclusionary development to communities beyond the Boston metro core will advance the important goal of implementing collaborative and creative approaches with landowners and developers that provide equitable housing opportunities.”

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