In BisNow: Tishman Drops Bid for 8-Acre Roxbury Site, Paving the Way for HYM Team


According to BisNow, HYM investment group, My City at Peace (MyCAP) is now the current and only front-runner for the proprietorship of the vacant Parcel P3 site located in Roxbury. By Friday, October 1st, 2022, MyCAP’s remaining opponent, a Tishman Speyer-led team, dropped its bid, leaving the HYM Investment project to spearhead the development of the unclaimed vacancy in Roxbury.

BisNow articulates that MyCAP’s plan would transform the nearly 8-acre plot of land into a mixed-use space that includes income-restricted rental units, retail spaces intended for minority-owned, local businesses, and 700,000 sq. feet of life science space.

In a press release, HYM CEO, Thomas O’Brien, stated that the “P-3 proposal has been intentionally designed to reflect and serve the surrounding Roxbury community,” He went onto add that HYM is “honored to have the support of so many key stakeholders and community members,”

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