Featured in Hoodline | Boston Police Officers Trade Handcuffs for Aprons to Foster Bonds at Roxbury Cooking Classes


On March 3rd, 2024, Hoodline highlighted the recent partnership between MPDC’s collaborative, community-oriented Meal Prep and Participation (MPP) Classes and the Boston Police Department’s (BPD) B-2 Roxbury Community Service Office.

According to Hoodline, officers joined Roxbury residents at Northeastern University’s Xhibition Kitchen and learned how to “meal prep, preserve, and cook healthy meals” with the guidance of a certified nutritionist. The classes, created and facilitated by Leslie Stafford, MPDC’s Health, Equity, and Wellness Manager, seek to bridge the gap between underserved communities and access to equitable food resources. Hoodline describes that “the program premises more than just the knowledge of making nutritious meals,” it also offers “an environment where police involvement isn’t framed by patrol cars and uniforms but by a shared experience that bridges the folks in uniform with those they’re sworn to protect.”

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