In the Bay State Banner: Dem. Candidates Agree on Issues in Gov’s Race


The democratic contenders for Massachusetts governor said little to define their differences Monday night at a RoxVote-sponsored debate held at Hibernian Hall in Dudley Square and moderated by Meghan Irons and Adrian Walker of the Boston Globe.

Asked what they would do to make improvements to Roxbury Community College, all three candidates spoke about the importance of funding community colleges and allowing students to graduate without debt.

At one point moderator Irons asked candidate Bob Massie, an entrepreneur and activist, whether he had a rebuttal to the other candidates’ answers. He gave a reply that could have applied to many of the responses over the course of the evening.

“I think we’ve all pretty much said the same thing,” he said.

By the time Massie, former Newton Mayor Setti Warren and former Massachusetts Secretary of Administration and Finance Jay Gonzalez reached the criminal justice portion of the debate, their alignment on the issues became almost comical.

“Should all police departments in the state have body cameras?” asked Walker.

Gonzalez: “Yes.”

Massie: “Yes.”

Warren: “Yes.”

The three candidates expressed varying degrees of agreement on a range of issues — increased funding for public education, support for the criminal justice reform legislation that recently passed the House and Senate, increased investment in the state’s public transit infrastructure and support for more affordable housing.

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