Statement from Madison Park Development Corporation


Madison Park Development Corporation is committed to the safety of everyone using the Dewitt Center. Regarding the incident at the Dewitt Center last Thursday, we have completed staff interviews and have reviewed video from our security cameras.  The first two plainclothes officers easily entered the building through the main entrance. The confusion arose when additional undercover officers tried to access the building from a side door that is locked and used only as an exit.  It has been reported that a receptionist refused to open the door. This is not the case, nor would any staff member be reprimanded for opening the door.  This door is not visible from the reception area, is not used for general entry and is only accessible by fob.  It was manually opened by a bystander once he realized that the men in plainclothes were actually police officers trying to gain access. This all transpired in a matter of seconds.

It has always been our practice to cooperate with the police and have long-standing relationships with the officers at B-2.  We regret that an officer received a minor injury. We are currently reviewing our security protocols, particularly in a situation when undercover officers attempt to enter the building, in an effort to ensure that the situation is not repeated.