MPDC hosts NeighborWorks Green Peer Convening


The first NeighborWorks America Green Peer Convening was hosted by MPDC at Hibernian Hall on May 24 and May 25th where we welcomed staff from NeighborWorks organizations throughout the Northeast Region as well as NeighborWorks national staff.  Over 60 participants from Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C. shared information and ideas about building sustainable practices and reducing negative environmental impact in our work.  Participants shared stories about innovative ideas and best practices and took walking tours of Dudley Square organized by MPDC’s Community Action and Real Estate departments to learn more about green practices at MPDC.  NeighborWorks plans to replicate this event in other regions as well as bringing this group together again in the future fro continued learning and growth.  Our guests were impressed by MPDC’s commitment to being a green organization and our Roxbury hospitality.  Thanks to the members of the MPDC green team for their work in executing a successful event — Olawumi Akinwumi, Katrina Conrad, Marah Holland, Yvette Jordan, Laura Martin, Kay Mathew, Griffin Thomas, Dwayne Watts, and Brooke Woodson.