A message from Madison Park Development Corporation


I want to acknowledge the deep and difficult feelings raised over these past days. The police brutality we are witnessing is nothing new to Black Americans, but the visibility of our daily reality is being amplified more than ever before in our country’s history. I can only hope and believe that we will continue to work together to dismantle over 400 years of systemic oppression at the core of American history.
While I do not have words adequate to express the anguish of bearing witness to our people’s ongoing murders, I would like to share some perspective.
The reality is this – While most of us do not personally know George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, or the countless other Black lives unfairly taken from us, we all share the pain of their loss deeply. The systemic racism that our communities have faced for centuries is unjust and inhumane, and must change, now!
The exhaustion of the continuous response to violence and inequities inflicted on Black lives weighs heavily on us all. But together, we will persist because our dignity will prove to be unshaken, even in the face of the most recent and brutal injustices. We are strong. We are resilient. We will continue to persevere in forcing the systems that oppress us toward change. We are uncompromising when we scream, “Not one more.”
For nearly 55 years, Madison Park Development Corporation has been rooted in Nubian Square and the Lower Roxbury community, dedicated to creating a place where Black lives are valued, honored, and celebrated.
The legacy of MPDC is entrenched in residents, activists, and allies coming together to foster a vibrant, healthy Roxbury neighborhood that supports Black lives’ well-being and advancement. I want to express on behalf of MPDC our sincerest gratitude for every individual, resident, partner, and ally that has worked with us to foster a dynamic community that celebrates and respects our Black lives in so many important ways.
In the face of these mounting and painful challenges, on behalf of MPDC, we pledge our ongoing and unwavering solidarity, with our staff, residents, youth, artists, community gardeners, seniors, business owners, minority and women-owned contractors, community partners, local coalitions, and all of our Roxbury neighbors, to continue to reimagine new ways to build communities that demand the protection and respect of all Black lives.
We will never be robbed of our virtue.
We are not torn down by this.
Our dignity persists.
Not one more.
In Solidarity,
Leslie Reid
MPDC Chief Executive Officer


Anti-Racism Resources

Anti-racism document compiled by Sarah Sophie Flicker, Alyssa Klein in May 2020

An amazing list of resources curated by our friends at Haley House Bakery Cafe

Resources from YW Boston

How to take action against racism right now

We can’t afford to postpone justice any longer. It is time for real change, and we need you to get there.

As an organization dedicated to racial justice, YW Boston is grateful for the support we have received during these difficult times. We wish to thank our new and long-time followers for supporting YW Boston’s mission to eliminate racism and empower women.

As you know, we can’t afford to postpone justice any longer. It is time for real change, and we need you to get there. With your financial support, YW Boston will continue to provide communities in Boston, and beyond, with tools to build a more equitable future. If you have already given, we thank you, and if you haven’t, we hope that you join us as a partner in this important work.

What can you do to support racial equity right now? 

1. Learn and reflect:

  • Are you centering the perspectives of Black people, Black women, and Black LGBTQ+ individuals?
  • Are you doing the work yourself without placing emotional labor on Black people to educate you or validate your efforts?
  • Are you utilizing your platform, networks, privilege, and access to engage more people in anti-racism work and provide more visibility to organizations dedicated to racial justice?
  • Are you critically exploring any feelings of shame, guilt, fear, and discomfort that may arise as you explore how other systems of oppression, such as capitalism and militarism, interact with racism?

2. Advocate for change within your workplace by asking:

  • Is there equitable Black representation within your organization’s leadership?
  • Did your workplace, school, university, or institution release a statement condemning racism and anti-Blackness?
  • Are they taking steps to address inequitable outcomes for their employees, stakeholders, and community?
  • Are they taking steps to support Black employees?
  • Do they or have they pledged to partner with Black businesses and suppliers?
  • How is your workplace investing in diversity, equity, and inclusion?
  • Refer your organization or members of your leadership team to InclusionBoston and LeadBoston.

3. Take individual action:

We have compiled a list of resources to accompany these action items. Click here to access the full list and share it broadly with your networks.


Boston Public Health Commission Resource