In June, we HONOR, CELEBRATE, and Embrace MPDC’s Youth Development Program!

In the 5th month of MPDC’s 55th Anniversary celebration, we are highlighting MPDC’s Dewitt Center all month long! The Dewitt Center brings so much to the MPDC community — it features daily programs & classes including college preparation courses, youth development, sports and fitness, and so much more.

For more information about The Dewitt Center and to take a look at this month’s theme, click here:

The Faces Of Dewitt Spotlight: The Temple of Martial Arts

As we highlight the Dewitt Center, MPDC is thrilled to introduce our “The Faces of Dewitt” project for the month of June! Today’s spotlight shines on: The Temple of Martial Arts!
The Temple of Martial Arts was one of the first programs at the Dewitt Center when we opened our doors in 2018! Youth participating in the Temple of Martial Arts Karate classes taught by David Sensi learn more than just karate! They are mentored on keeping their lives free from bullying and develop strong character.