Health Equity and Community Wellness Department!

In continuation of MPDC’s 55th Anniversary, we are celebrating Health Equity and Community Wellness all month long! Throughout MPDC’s long history of serving the community, we’ve made sure to prioritize the well-being of our residents. We make conscious efforts to build relationships with fellow organizations and leaders that can contribute accessible resources that promote healthy lifestyles and homes. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ll be highlighting this month:



MPDC55 Spotlight: The Community Garden Initiative!

The Community Garden Initiative promotes healthy eating, urban farming, physical activity, and social connectedness for all ages. When you come into the Hope Community Garden, you will see the skylight over Boston. We went from 32 plots to over 68 plots in just a matter of months. We thank the volunteers from TUGG, United Way, Lilly, Federal Reserve, LISC, Ernest & Young, and other organizations who contributed and donated time. With the support of a group of residents who serve as Garden Leader, community gardens are available for use by residents of MPDC properties to grow their fresh produce and use for community social events, fitness classes, and nutrition education workshops.

Food Insecurity with Boston Public Health

Thank you Boston Public Health Commission for their HelpSteps Newsletter! This month’s HelpSteps Newsletter features so many helpful resources on how to stay informed about food insecurity in Boston + how to help. There’s also a fun crossword puzzle!

MPDC55 Spotlight: Supermarket Tours

Happy HW month! We’re continuing our celebration of honoring and embracing MPDC’s Health and Wellness work for the month of July! Today’s spotlight goes to: Our Super Market Tours!
The Super Market tours provide education and tips on shopping for healthy choices and access to healthy and affordable food. We are grateful to our partners (Daily Table, Tropical Food, Cooking Matters, Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston Public Health Commission) for all that they’ve done to make these tours happen for the Roxbury community and our MPDC residents.