Our Three Year Plan

MPDC is proud to share its 2024-2026 Strategic plan, guided by a framework of promoting community wealth building in Roxbury. We acknowledge the historic barriers faced by Boston’s Black and Brown residents in access to housing, employment, and asset and wealth building opportunities, resulting in the current racial wealth gap. This “North Star” is guiding MPDC’s commitment to creating access to wealth building for our residents and the broader neighborhood.

In our 58th year, we reaffirm our commitment to honoring the legacy of our founders and a vision for Roxbury grounded in comprehensive community development. MPDC advances its mission daily by supporting a vibrant and healthy Roxbury for residents and community members. In addition to offering stellar programs and resources, we will provide inclusive housing opportunities in the face of the growing crisis.

Over the next three years, we will continue to expand our youth and young adult workforce development programs while celebrating the 20 years of arts, civic, and cultural programming at Hibernian Hall and continue the integral role of The Dewitt Center as a community hub for resources, partnerships and creative use of space. MPDC is also committed to organizational sustainability through the expansion and diversification of revenue by increasing our donor base, establishing an endowment for Hibernian Hall and The Dewitt Center, and seeking multi–year grants to offset operational expenses.

We are excited by this plan to implement effective strategies that are mission centered, transformative, and sustainable. MPDC will continue to assess, restructure, and partner with like-minded organizations to narrow the racial wealth gap for Black and Brown families in Roxbury and the City of Boston.


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