Hibernian Hall

Your Home for Arts in the Heart of Boston


Hibernian Hall was built in 1913 by the Ancient Order of Hibernians – a group that promoted Irish cultural heritage.

The hall served as a social club for Irish immigrants and was an immensely popular Irish dance destination through the early 1960s. Every week during that era, young Irish Americans would make their way to the dances at Hibernian Hall – one of five Irish social clubs in Dudley Square alone. With its beautiful lofty windows, tall ceilings and proscenium stage, Hibernian Hall was a center of social and cultural life in the Irish community.

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History of Hibernian Hall

After the Irish residents began moving out of Roxbury, the building went through a period of change. It became the headquarters for the Opportunities Industrialization Center, an international job-training program. Then, for a decade, it sat unoccupied and falling into disrepair. Hibernian Hall was purchased by Madison Park Development Corporation in 2000. It was fully restored to its original grandeur and reopened in 2005.

Hibernian Hall remains a wonderful gathering place for music, dance, and theater – reflecting the diversity of cultures in the area. It continues to serve as a destination for arts and culture in the heart of Roxbury’s Dudley Square.