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Parcel 10 (Tropical Foods)

The mixed-use Madison Tropical Parcel 10 project (“Parcel 10”) is the culmination of 8 years of effort by the Roxbury community and the City of Boston to bring economic diversity and private investment to Dudley Square. The project was developed in partnership between Madison Park Development Corporation and Tropical Foods International, with MPDC as the lead Master Developer.

Construction on the supermarket was completed in February 2015.  

The Parcel 10 project consists of:
  • A new Tropical Foods supermarket, with a full 28,000 SF of sales area plus storage and offices above
  • Adaptive reuse of 2101 Washington Street, the former home of Tropical Foods, into housing and retail
  • New construction of the Dudley Gateway building, 59,000 SF of commercial and retail at the corner of Washington and Melnea Cass Boulevard
Click here to view our Parcel 10/Tropical Foods Supermarket fact sheet.

Whittier Choice Neighborhood Initiative (CNI)
Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC) has joined Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH) to form POAH Madison Associates LLC (POAH Madison), a joint venture entity. POAH Madison was selected by the Boston Housing Authority (BHA) to be the housing developer for the Whittier Choice Neighborhood Initiative. Detailed information about the Whittier Choice Neighborhood Initiative is located here.
As part of the Choice program, MPDC is the lead developer of two parcels of land located in Madison Park Village in the Lower Roxbury neighborhood of Boston, MA. The development of these parcels are Phase 2 of the Whittier CNI plan and include two buildings, Building 2a located at 40 Raynor and Building 2b bounded by Melnea Cass Blvd., Brooke Marshall Road and Sojourner Truth Way. Both sites are located less than a mile from the Dudley Square MBTA bus terminal and Orange Line train stations located at Roxbury Crossing and Ruggles Station. The close proximity to public transportation hubs provide access to downtown Boston, surrounding institutions of higher learning, healthcare and countless other community assets. Below is a brief description of the proposed development of the two buildings:
Building 2a - 40 Raynor Circle: Demolition of a one-story existing building and new construction of 16 housing units within a 20,000sf four-story building. Nine off-street parking spaces are proposed as part of this development.
Building 2b - Brook Marshall Field: New construction of 60 units of housing within a 66,000 square foot five-story building. An estimated 21 on-street parking spaces are proposed as part of this development.
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All seventy-six units (1 1-BR Flat, 42 2-BR Flats, 6 2-BR Duplexes, 17 3-BR Flats, 8 3-BR Duplexes and 2 4-BR Flats) As many as fifty-three (53) of the 76 units will be replacement units from the original Whittier Street Apartments and set-aside for those existing households earning less than 50% of AMI as per the Public Housing Occupancy requirements.