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Parcel 10 (Tropical Foods)

The mixed-use Madison Tropical Parcel 10 project (“Parcel 10”) is the culmination of 8 years of effort by the Roxbury community and the City of Boston to bring economic diversity and private investment to Dudley Square. The project is being developed in partnership between Madison Park Development Corporation and Tropical Foods International, with MPDC as the lead Master Developer.  
The Parcel 10 project consists of:
  • A new Tropical Foods supermarket, with a full 28,000 SF of sales area plus storage and offices above
  • Common parking, access and infrastructure improvements including a new curb cut onto Melnea Cass Boulevard
  • Adaptive reuse of 2101 Washington Street, the former home of Tropical Foods, into housing and retail
  • New construction of the Dudley Gateway building, 59,000 SF of commercial and retail at the corner of Washington and Melnea Cass Boulevard
Tropical Foods Supermarket 
Tropical Foods construction started in January 2014, as the first phase of the Parcel 10 development, and was the first privately led development on any of the large City-owned parcels in the Roxbury area.
The Tropical Foods historic food operation was initially started by Pastor Medina after his emigration from Cuba three generations ago.  Today, the third-generation of family operators, Ronn Garry Jr. and Randy Garry, have continued Pastor’s initial emphasis on hiring local community residents and moving them up the career ladder while serving the community demand for specialty and traditional products.  The new venture triples the sales floor area; allows the supermarket to provide increased and varied offerings in bakery, deli, and fresh fish; and will create approximately 30 new positions.
The project brought a desperately needed, full-sized supermarket for the heart of the Roxbury neighborhood in Boston, a designated “LAS,” Low-Access to Supermarkets/food desert area.  The new Tropical Foods will also serve as the anchor tenant for future development phases at Parcel 10, spurring additional economic development and jobs for 
Dudley Square and Roxbury. 
Click here to view our Parcel 10/Tropical Foods Supermarket fact sheet.