Community Action

Community Action

Madison Park Development Corporation’s community building and organizing department, Community Action, promotes youth development, public safety, civic engagement, and health equity and wellness. We are able to accomplish our goals by working with, and strengthening, our resident leaders.  MPDC has an Organizing Committee comprised of community residents who recommend areas of focus for the Community Action team. To become involved in the work we do, please contact Abrigal Forrester in our Community Action department.

Youth Development
All young people need supports and opportunities to help make a seamless transition to adulthood.  Our youth development efforts help local youth gain the skills and knowledge needed to become productive citizens.

Civic Engagement
MPDC's civic engagement team works to make a difference in the civic life of our communities by working with residents to development knowledge, skills, values, and motivation to make a difference. 

Public Safety
Public safety is everyone's responsibliity.  Our public safety team is committed to creating and maintaining a safe and supportive environment for the Roxbury community.

Health Equity and Wellness
Studies show that a person's health and life expectancy can be predicted by the zip code they live in.  MPDC is proud to partner with Dana Farber on community health and wellness initiatives that directly impact the lives of our residents.     

Technology Center

Our Timothy Smith Technology Center, located in Madison Park Village, offers free computer and media education through individual training sessions, group workshops, and self-directed open access.  Click HERE for the latest class schedules.